The Gay Games 2018 took place in Paris. The handball tournament was organized by the Aquahomo and the Decalage handball clubs, and lasted over 4 days, from August 7th to August 10th.

The tournament was supported by the French Handball Federation, and the French handball president was even present at the finals.

The tournament featured 10 teams, whereas 2 of them were pure female, and some of them were mixed teams. (FRT, Norway, Aurore & les garcons, Rainbow Warriors, Aquahomo, Outsiders, Vrac, Drink Team, Glee Club & Decalage)


Men’s final:
Rainbow Warriors vs Norway 12-13

Men’s bronze final:
Outsiders vs Aurore et les garcons SCORE MISSING

Women’s final:
Drink Team vs D├ęcalage Paris 10-14

Mixed team’s final:
Glee Club vs VRAC 8-10

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