Here we will try to collect and share as much as we can about the history of LGBT handball championships. We ask everyone who has information about LGBT handball history, to contact us to fill in the blanks.

2013 – today: LGBT Euro Handball Championship

At a club leader’s meeting in Antwerp in 2013, the LGBT handball clubs agreed to come together once a year for a major tournament, with the status of LGBT Euro Handball Championship. In the previous years there had been several tournaments each year, but due to a smaller amount of LGBT handball clubs than in other team sports like football or volleyball, each tournament attracted fewer teams. By agreeing to only organize one international tournament each year, the objective was to secure a highest possible attendance for each tournament.

The tournaments are planned three years ahead, and which cities are going to get the annual tournament, is decided on a team leader’s meeting each year at the LGBT Euro Handball Championship.

Other or annual tournaments

If you have additional information about the dates, schedule, results or similar from this tournament, please contact us.