The organizer of an LGBTQ+ Euro Handball Championship commits to organizing the event in line with the statutes of the guidelines laid out in the Manual for organizers of LGBTQ+ Euro Handball Championships. The right to organize LGBTQ+ Euro Handball Championships is given by the annual convention of LGBTQ+ handball clubs. The championships are allocated on conventions three years in advance. 

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At a club leader’s meeting in Antwerp in 2013, the LGBT handball clubs agreed to come together once a year for a major tournament, with the status of LGBTQ+ Euro Handball Championship. Before 2013, there had been several tournaments each year, but due to a smaller amount of LGBT handball clubs than in other team sports like football or volleyball, each tournament attracted fewer teams.

By agreeing to only organize one international tournament each year, the objective was to secure a highest possible attendance for each tournament - giving clubs and players a better opportunity for networking and creating bonds across borders.

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